Workshop Internship Fellowship
MEDIC 2015 Medical Device Innovation Conclave IIT Bombay, 11-15 Sept 2015 11 Sep: Anatomy & biomechanics
12 Sep: Defining clinical needs
13 Sep: Developing medical devices
14 Sep: Deploying for end use
15 Sep: Demos and way ahead
Organizing Partners: IIT Bombay, COE Pune, VNIT Nagpur, MGM Hospital, Khargar.

Meant for: Engineers, Clinicians, Entrepreneurs, Medtech companies.

Admission: Background and capability in medical innovation, evaluated by application and phone interview.

Registration fee: Rs. 500 only.

Contact BETiC in June 2015.

B.Tech and M.Tech students can work in BETiC for 1-3 months to work on a medical device project.

Eligibility: demonstrated capability for innovation, certified training in relevant areas (CAD/CAM, biomechanics, medical imaging, etc.), project proposal, and letters of support from suitable partners (clinician, industry).
Selection process: Since the number of positions are limited, interested students are advised to apply one year in advance
Short-listed students will be invited to IIT Bombay for visiting the lab and meeting current researchers, followed by a personal interview.

Top performers in MEDIC workshops will be directly eligible for internship.

Post-Doc and PhD Fellowships are available for 1-3 years to develop a core medical technology.

Eligibility: Researchers must have adequate technical knowledge and skills related to medical technology, preferably in a reputed lab or industry.
Responsibility: Research Fellows are expected to work full time in BETiC, use and manage the facilities, and guide young researchers.
PhD Scholars working with faculty members in different departments at IIT Bombay, VNIT Nagpur or COE Pune can also use this opportunity to spend up to one year at BETiC.