Medical Device Projects
  Plaster splint with paper padding Acupressure glove Patient specific path guidance tool
Novel orthopedic plaster splint with paper padding is helpful for immobilizing the affected organ instantly. It is having optimized bending stiffness, light in weight, ease of application and cost effective when compare to fibreglass splints.

Development Team includes Mayur Sanas, BETiC , COE Pune and Dr. Ashish Ranade from Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune

Current status: Preliminary testing has completed. Prototype is ready for functional testing. Patent is being filed.
"An ergonomic and compact device to provide acupressure therapy  with utmost effectiveness for pain and stress relief, without consuming time or effort and be used anywhere, anytime by anyone."

Development Team includes Anjali Rajan, BETiC, COE Pune and Dr. Anita T Sharma,  Naturopath & Acupuncturist, Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital, Koregaon Park, Pune.

Current Status : Integration of prototype under process. Patent filing under process
"Development of patient specific path guidance tool to assist in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) & Transformational Lumbar Interior Fusion (TLIF) surgeries by using Bio-CAD models retrieved from non-invasive imaging techniques and Reverse Engineering approach"
Current status:
*Algorithm developed for estimation of Point Cloud Data from CT scan in DICOM3.0 format.
*Strategy for conversion of PCD into surface model based on extensive literature survey and pilot experiments completed.
*Conceptual design of guidance fixture is completed and waiting for Surgeon?s feedback.