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  ICAM-3D, Chennai XrayTo3D wins awards APCMBE, Taiwan
International Conference on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing (ICAM-3D), was organized by ESCI-Institution of Engineers (India), DST and Veltech, in Chennai on 5-7 Feb 2015, and inaugurated by Dr. R. Chidambaram. Prof. B. Ravi gave an invited talk on "Rapid Design, Prototyping and Manufacture of Medical Devices" and also chaired a session on Medical Applications
A key conclusion was that low-cost 3D-printed medical models reconstructed from CT scans can now be widely used for surgery planning, as well as patient education and medical training.
XrayTo3D technology developed by Vikas Karade, which reconstructs 3D models of bone from their X-ray images, was recognized by 'Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award' in 2014, and is among the top 10 innovations in India for President Scholar in Residence Program 2015
9th Asia Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering held at NCKU Tainan on 9-12 Oct 2014 brought together key researchers and medical device industry. Prof. B. Ravi was invited by Prof. R-F Kuo, Medical Device Innovation Center of NCKU to share the Indian experience.