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Lata R Chawla
Research Associate
BETiC Lab IIT Bombay

Lata is a Biomedical Engineer with expertise in Medical Instrumentation. She completed her B.Tech from Mumbai University and M.Tech from SRM University, Chennai, in Biomedical Engineering.

Lata has earlier worked on Optical coherence Tomography as a project trainee at SAMEER, located inside IIT Bombay. She has also over two years of work experience in Maestros Mediline Systems Ltd.

Lata is currently developing a Laparoscopic device, in collaboration with Dr. Rasik Shah of Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai. She is also working in developing a Tissue stabilizer instrument, in collaboration with Dr. Anvay Mulay of Fortis Hospital, Mumbai.

Laparoscopic Retractor is meant for use in Cholecystectomy to retract organs hindering the surgery site. It reduces the need for an additional instrument & assistant.

Development team includes Lata Chawla, BETiC, IIT Bombay; and Dr. Rasik Shah, Hinduja Hospital. The rapid prototypes were fabricated at Imaginarium, Mumbai.It is undergoing function test and improvement.

Patent filed: L. Chawla, R. Ghyar, R. Shah, B. Ravi, "Device for retracting organ/tissue for laparoscopic surgery".