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Shivam Mittal
M.Tech Student
BETiC Lab IIT Bombay

Shivam is currently a senior undergraduate student pursuing Dual Degree (B.Tech + M.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Bombay.

Shivam is an entrepreneur and a technical enthusiast. He has earlier worked on and is currently working on In the past he has developed 3 full size race cars including an ATV and 2 Electric race cars. He has represented India in FSAE competition in Silverstone, UK.

As a part of his master's dissertation, Shivam is currently working on development of an innovative biopsy gun in collaboration with Dr. Manish Agarwal. Hinduja Hospital.

Variable Length Multi-Use Biopsy Gun is used to take a small sample of tissue without infecting the intervening tissue, with the additional advantage of adjustable length of firing, besides being easier to operate.

Development team includes Shivam Mittal,IIT Bombay and Dr. Manish Agarwal, Hinduja Hospital.

Current status: The device has been prototyped and is under mechanical testing.

Patent filed: S. Mittal, R. Ghyar, M. Agarwal, B. Ravi, S. S. Kulkarni, "Variable Length Multi-Use Biopsy Gun".