Medical Device Innovation: Translating Ideas into Reality
Problem Definition Tissue Retractor APCMBE, Taiwan
Identifying and articulating the right problem to solve - preferably an unmet clinical need -is the most critical step in MDI.

1. State the problem clearly; avoid general or vague statements.

2.The statement must not point to specific solutions (that prevent creativity).

3. List the functional requirements so as to enable comparing alternative solutions.

4. List any other constraints in terms of size, weight, operating environment, cost, etc.

5. Mention target improvements over existing solutions, if any.

Laparoscopic Retractor is meant for use in Cholecystectomy to retract organs hindering the surgery site. It reduces the need for an additional instrument & assistant.

Development team includes Lata Chawla, BETiC, IIT Bombay; and Dr. Rasik Shah, Hinduja Hospital. The rapid prototypes were fabricated at Imaginarium, Mumbai.It is undergoing function test and improvement.

Patent filed: L. Chawla, R. Ghyar, R. Shah, B. Ravi, "Device for retracting organ/tissue for laparoscopic surgery".
9th Asia Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering held at NCKU Tainan on 9-12 Oct 2014 brought together key researchers and medical device industry. Prof. B. Ravi was invited by Prof. R-F Kuo, Medical Device Innovation Center of NCKU to share the Indian experience.