MEDIC 2019 Internship Fellowship
5th Medical Device Innovation Camp
28 Sep - 2 Oct @ IIT Bombay, Mumbai

MEDIC brings together inter-disciplinary teams to explore medical device innovation from:

Medical: Biomedical/Medicine/Physio/Dental
Design: Industrial/Product/Fashion
Engineering: Mech/Mat/Mfg & Elect/Electronics

Pre-Register by 28 Aug 2019
MEDIC winners and other researchers can explore 1-3 month internship at BETiC-Mumbai, Nagpur or Pune to associate with ongoing medical device project
Qualifications: Bachelors or Masters in Engineering, Bioengineering or Medicine, plus at least one year of professional experience in industry or hospitals, along with demonstrated capability and skills required for medical device innovation.

Responsibility: Interns will be trained on various skills related to medical device innovation and are expected to assist senior researchers.

Selection process: Interested candidates are requested to send their curriculum vitae and visit the nearest BETiC center for more information

BETiC Interns completing 3 months can apply as full-time fellow researcher for one year, to develop a novel medical device or technology.
Qualifications: Same as Intern. Deep technical knowledge and skills related to a medical specialization or technology, preferably in a reputed lab or industry is desirable.

Responsibility: Research Fellows are expected to work full time in BETiC, use and manage the facilities, and assist in guiding interns.

PhD Scholars working with faculty members in different departments at IIT Bombay, VNIT Nagpur or COE Pune can also use this opportunity to convert their research work into products for commercialization.