Medical Device Projects
  Tissue Stiffness Biopsy Gun XrayTo3D
Tissue Stiffness Measuring Device helps in diagnosing diabetic foot ulcer patients. A plastic probe pushes and indents the foot skin, while recording and characterizing the tissue. Development team includes Amit Maurya and Rupesh Ghyar, BETiC, IIT Bombay; and Dr. Rajani Mullerpatan, MGM Hospital.
Current status: The device includes mechanical, electronic and software components, all of which have been developed and assembled. It has been tested by Dr. Rajani's team on both healthy and diabetic patients and the data is being analyzed.

Patent filed: A.Maurya, R. Ghyar, R. Mullerpatan, B. Ravi, "Tissue Stiffness detection device for Diabetic foot".

Variable Length Multi-Use Biopsy Gun is used to take a small sample of tissue without infecting the intervening tissue, with the additional advantage of adjustable length of firing, besides being easier to operate.

Development team includes Shivam Mittal,IIT Bombay and Dr. Manish Agarwal, Hinduja Hospital.

Current status: The device has been prototyped and is under mechanical testing.

Patent filed: S. Mittal, R. Ghyar, M. Agarwal, B. Ravi, S. S. Kulkarni, "Variable Length Multi-Use Biopsy Gun".

XrayTo3D program reconstructs 3D models of bone from just one or two X-ray images. Unlike CT-based models, this involves much less radiation and cost.

Development team includes Vikas Karade, PhD Research Scholar, and Amit Maurya, BETiC, IIT Bombay, with inputs from Dr. Manish Agarwal, Hinduja Hospital

Current status: The algorithm has been implemented in TABPlan, a tablet-based software for planning surgeries related to knee arthritis and bone deformities.

Patent filed: V. Karade, A portable system and method for 3-dimensional surgery planning using conventional 2-dimensional x-ray images